Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements to be a vendor?

  • We are looking for awesome people, making cool stuff that are wanting to learn about growing their business. You want to make new friends and be a part of a super supportive, awesome team. If you just want to sell stuff, we probably aren’t the group for you. But if you want to grow your network and find community… well… that’s what we are all about!
  • You must make or design your own stuff in your own community. We are not currently accepting MLM’s catalogue items or resale items at this time. You can only sell your own products. This means gift baskets are not available for sale in this space.
  • You have to offer local pickup OR free delivery (only one is required)
  • You need to operate and manage your own landing page. We do our best to make our site user friendly

Are any items restricted?

  • Services: Selling services (example: house cleaning) isn’t allowed.
  • Description and photo don’t match: The photos of the item must match the description and title of the listing.
  • Animal for sale: Selling animals is not allowed. This includes posting about animals for adoption.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare-related items aren’t allowed (example: thermometers, first-aid kits).
  • Before and after pictures: Items on our platform can’t show a before and after picture (example: a photo showing weight loss).
  • Adult Products: Listings may not promote the buying, selling, or use of adult products.
  • Alcohol: Listings may not promote the buying or selling of alcohol. Examples include the sale of alcoholic beverages. Exceptions are Books or DVDs about alcohol and Alcohol-related items, including glasses, coolers and wine bottle holders.
  • Prescription Products, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia and tobacco: Listings may not promote the buying or selling of drugs, drug paraphernalia, prescription products or tobacco.
  • Ingestible Supplements: Listings may not promote the buying or selling of ingestible supplements.
  • Products with Overtly Sexualized Positioning:
  • Listings may not position products or services in a sexually suggestive manner.
  • Third-Party Infringement: Listings may not contain content that infringes upon or violates the intellectual property rights of any third party, including copyright or trademark. This includes, but is not limited to, the promotion or sale of counterfeits, such as goods that copy the trademark (name or logo) and/or distinctive features of another company’s products to imitate a genuine product.
  • Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives:
  • Listings may not promote the buying, selling, or use of weapons, ammunition, and explosives.
  • Misleading, Violent, or Hateful products or offerings
  • Human Exploitation and Sexual Services:
  • Listings may not promote any form of human trafficking, prostitution, escort, or sexual services.

What are the fees?

  • Our annual memberhsip fee is $450 +GST
  • We take zero commissions and there are no added fees