About Us


The Virtual Market

The Virtual Market is an online solution for side-hustlers and creative small business owners who need a website but don’t want the hassle of maintaining it themselves. Our vendors sell handmade or locally sourced products to their neighbours and community members.

How is The Virtual Market different?

  • Our search results are sorted by location, keeping sales as local as possible.
  • We combine the sales volumes of all our vendors to take advantage of pricing models for larger businesses.
  • We also help our vendors gain additional traction in the community by managing review requests.
  • We offer opportunities for our vendors to be featured on our social channels, as well as in our bi-weekly newsletter.
  • We manage special communications with our shoppers, reminding them to shop our vendors for holidays and special events.
  • You also get to join our exclusive vendors-only community where you can share your thoughts, get support and join forces with each other.
  • Special opportunities to attend workshops and networking events.
  • Opportunities to get involved with in-person markets that are working with TVM.


Sally Leonard

Hi! I’m Sally, the Founder and CEO of The Virtual Market. This all started as a way for me to give back to my community in 2020. My background is in Small Business and Entrepreneurship and I’ve dedicated most of my career to working with this group. It makes complete sense that the evolution of the market heads to a very supportive vibe since that’s where my heart is. I’ve always felt a really strong pull to the creative and innovative minds of entrepreneurs.

Our market provides a really unique experience of combining a great place to make sales while also exposing vendors to specific workshops and learning opportunities that are vital to growing a successful small business.

  • Experience

    growing business virtually

  • Relax

    Joining our community is easy

  • Future

    Looking to the future of markets

  • Passion

    Get the support you need

Sally XO


Where it all began

Not so long ago...

We watched our world shut down and small businesses left standing wondering what to do now.

Then we evolved...

It was necessary to make a change and allow people to support the local businesses they love.

Now we're here!

We are an online platform that helps local makers and artists promote their businesses. We get them paid faster and harness their community to help them grow in a competitive online environment.