Frequently Asked Questions


Who am I shopping from?

  • We have curated a group of vendors who live and operate in Canada. These makers are your neighbours and friends, using their talents to create income.

How are recommended shops chosen for me?

  • We are extremely proud of the algorithm we have developed. What it does is recommend you businesses in your vicinity, instead of other businesses that sell the same items you just purchased. We are the local-ist of local!

What does the buying process look like?

  • Our shop is set up like your standard online shopping platform. However, unlike other sites, you are able to add items from as many different vendors as you like and only have to check out once.

When do I receive my purchases?

  • Processing time varies for each vendor you shop from. Many products are made to order, but your patience is always rewarded with high quality, handmade items. Each shop will have details as to their processing time.

Where do I pick up my purchases?

  • Similar to processing time, this will vary for each vendor you shop from. Each listing shows you how far away you are from the business, and the postal code. Once your purchase has been made you are able to see the exact pickup location for that shop.

Why don't shops offer shipping?

  • We do not require vendors to offer shipping, paid or otherwise. This is because we encourage everyone to shop in your own community. Some vendors may offer complimentary or paid shipping, but that is up to their discretion. You can always reach out to a shop if you would like to inquire about shipping options.

How do I know I'm purchasing from legitimate businesses?

  • We run a vetting process with all of our vendors and have specific requirements they have to meet before being approved. All of our vendors pay a membership fee to be a part of our community. This means there are no businesses here that aren't invested in the shop local movement.

What do I do if I feel I have been wronged by a business?

  • Although we do our best, ultimately purchases are solely between the business and yourself. If there are any red flags or issues that arise, we will do our best to resolve them but cannot offer refunds on behalf of the individual business. If needed, you can connect with your credit card company directly for further assistance.

What options do I have for payment?

  • Payments are processed through Stripe. Valid payment options include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Visa Debit.